Your question: Is I, Robot based on Caves of Steel?

EXCLUSIVE: 20th Century Fox, which tapped into Isaac Asimov’s futuristic robot science fiction for I, Robot, is now working on a live-action adaptation of Asimov’s The Caves of Steel. The studio has set Henry Hobson to direct and John Scott 3 to adapt the murder mystery that was first published as a book in 1954.

Is there a Caves of Steel movie?

Peter Cushing as Elijah Baley. John Carson as R Daneel Olivaw.

Television adaptation.

Story Parade – The Caves of Steel
Genre Science fiction
Written by Terry Nation
Directed by Peter Sasdy
Starring Peter Cushing John Carson

Who killed Dr Sarton?

In fact Dr. Sarton’s death was accidental — he was killed by a shot intended for R. Daneel (who was built to resemble his creator). Never Accepted in His Hometown: Robots were created, developed and mass produced right on Earth almost three thousand years before the beginning of the novel.

Is i robot the same as the complete robot?

There are three “robot” collections, “I, Robot”, “The Rest of the Robots”, and somewhat later (’76) “Bincentennial Man & Other Stories”. “The Complete Robot” includes the stories from all three. Except, in ’86 Asimov repackaged the robot stories in two volumes, “Robot Dreams” & “Robot Visions”.

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What year does the Caves of Steel take place?

Plot Summary:

The Caves of Steel (1954) is set three thousand years into the future.

How do I read Asimov?

Isaac Asimov suggested reading order:

  1. I, Robot.
  2. The Caves of Steel.
  3. The Naked Sun.
  4. The Robots of Dawn.
  5. Robots and Empire.
  6. The Stars, Like Dust.
  7. The Currents of Space.
  8. Pebble in the Sky.

Who wrote Caves of Steel?

Lije is a prime suspect, but he is being framed. Commissioner Enderby suggests Clousarr framed him, but Lije’s accuses Enderby himself for the murder of both R. Sammy and Dr. Sarton.

Is I, Robot a trilogy?

I, Robot (3 book series) Kindle Edition. First in an all-new trilogy inspired by Isaac Asimov’s legendary science fiction collection I, Robot.

Is there a sequel to I, Robot?

I, Robot 2 Probably Won’t Happen

While the original movie was a solid success back in 2004, it hasn’t lingered in audiences’ minds like some of Smith’s better-known projects like I Am Legend.

What should I read after I, Robot?

Larry Niven

  • Science Fiction.
  • Space Warfare.
  • Life On Other Planets.