Can you add Roomba to Apple HomeKit?

Can I use Siri to control Roomba?

iRobot Roomba vacuums are already super convenient for assisting in vacuum jobs in between deeper clean ups. … Using Siri and Shortcuts, you can build custom voice commands that control Roomba from HomePod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

How do I connect Roomba to Siri?

To do that, say “Hey Siri, start Roomba.” If you don’t have Hey Siri enabled, you will have to press and hold the side button of your iPhone, then say “Start Roomba” when the Siri interface appears on the screen.

How do I add Roomba to Homebridge?


  1. Install Homebridge: sudo npm i -g homebridge –unsafe-perm.
  2. Download this plugin: sudo npm i -g homebridge-roomba2.
  3. Follow Setup to get Roomba credentials.
  4. Add an Accessory for your Roomba and configure it using Config-Ui-X.
  5. Restart Homebridge.

Can you control Roomba with iPhone?

The new iRobot HOME app for iOS and Android acts like a hub for all your platform products. With the app, you can start or end cleaning jobs, tell your Roomba to go back to its base, or schedule vacuum times (like, say, when you aren’t home, or just before you get back from vacation).

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Does Roomba work with Alexa?

Use your voice to start, stop, schedule cleaning, and more with Alexa. All connected Roomba® and Braava jet® robots are compatible with Alexa, giving you hands-free control for vacuuming and mopping. … To get started, enable the iRobot® Home skill for Amazon Alexa and sign in to link your existing iRobot® account.

What robot vacuum works with Siri?

At a glance

  • The best robot vacuum with Siri support: Roborock S7.
  • The best robot vacuum with Siri support for pet-hair: Roborock S4.
  • The best robot vacuum with Siri support for design: Neato Botvac D8.
  • The best auto-emptying robot vacuum with Siri support: iRobot Roomba i7+

Does the Roomba talk?

Today, when you tell your Wi-Fi connected Roomba to “clean the house” via your smart speaker, it will wake up and do its normal routine until its complete and call it a day – to varying effectiveness depending on your model. …

How do I get Roomba BLID?

Make sure your robot is on the Home Base and powered on (green lights on). Then press and hold the HOME button on your robot until it plays a series of tones (about 2 seconds). Release the button and your robot will flash WIFI light.

Does Roomba work with Homepod?

The short answer is no. HomeKit does not natively support Roombas.

Is there an app for Roomba?

The iRobot HOME App is compatible with all Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 690, 890, eSeries, 900, iSeries vacuuming robot models, and Bluetooth connected Braava jet™ 240 mopping robot models.

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Can roombas get hacked?

It’s not just the vacuum cleaner that could be spying on you

Many of these devices use their sensors for facial recognition or motion detection. … Roomba vacuums do not use the Lidar technology referenced in this report and cannot be hacked.