Why is my litter robot not working?

The unit isn’t pushed into a corner or against a wall or piece of furniture. Make sure your Litter-Robot is free-standing and not leaning on anything. After emptying the Waste Drawer and pushing the drawer back into place, double check that you haven’t pushed the whole unit up against anything before pressing Reset.

How do I reset my litter robot?


  1. Hold the Cycle button for 5 seconds. Both blue AND yellow lights are now on.
  2. Hold the Cycle button for 5 seconds. Yellow light turns off, blue light remains lit.
  3. Press the Reset button to clear this status and proceed to troubleshoot.

How long did your litter robot last?

The litter robot has been on and used constantly for 5+ years. I never turn it off with the exception of one week while exchanging parts. It’s still used just turned on then off. It has more than paid for itself with litter saving and convenience.

Why is the blue and yellow light on my litter robot?

If both the blue and yellow lights are illuminated on your Litter-Robot, it means that the unit is in 8-hour sleep mode. (The unit will not cycle automatically during those 8 hours.) If you’d like to deactivate sleep mode, press and hold the Cycle button for 5 seconds.

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Where is the Litter-Robot Sensor?

The Litter-Robot is equipped with infrared emitters and sensors located above the Waste Drawer that check if the drawer is full each time the Globe returns to the Home position.

What is a cat sensor fault on the Litter-Robot?

Sometimes after adding litter or replacing litter in the globe, the total weight of the globe becomes high enough that during the rotation or even while stationary (without cat inside) the cat sensor is triggered. If the Cat Sensor is triggered continuously for more than 2 minutes then the red light starts to blink.

How do you clean the sensor on Litter-Robot?

We recommend cleaning the unit as needed. Simply wiping it down with a damp paper towel will keep your unit looking new and clean. Using a mild detergent is recommended. Do not use bleach on the units, as this can cause the plastic to degrade.

How do you manually cycle a litter-robot?

Cycle Button + [8 Hour Sleep Mode]

Press and Release: Pressing the Cycle Button starts the Litter-Robot cleaning cycle. In order to pause the cycle, press any button on the Control Panel during the Clean Cycle. Press Cycle once again to resume the cleaning cycle.

How long is Litter-Robot warranty?

The Litter-Robot is backed by an 18-Month Full Warranty and you have the option to extend it for another 18 months for three years of coverage. During the warranty period, AutoPets will repair your Litter-Robot (and even cover shipping costs within the continental United States).

Do cats like the Litter-Robot?

Cats prefer a clean place to go, so this should motivate your cat to try the Litter-Robot. This works well in combination with the treats and catnip method mentioned above. The old litter box looks and smells familiar, so use that knowledge to teach your cat about the Litter-Robot. … Cats love empty cardboard boxes!

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How do I get the Litter-Robot back online?


  1. Open the app and delete the current unit, even if it is offline. …
  2. Force close (swipe away) the Litter-Robot app.
  3. Unplug the Litter-Robot from the back of the unit for at least 1 minute.
  4. Plug the unit back in and allow to cycle fully.
  5. Once the unit has reached a solid blue light ready status, open the app.

What is the timing button on the Litter Robot?

What is the Litter-Robot Wait Time? The Wait Time is a timer countdown function, or the elapsed time starting from when your cat exits the Litter-Robot globe until the unit starts a Clean cycle. It can be set for 3, 7, or 15 minutes. The default Wait Time is 7 minutes.

What is cat sensor timing?

The Cat Sensor is a weight-sensitive switch that measures the weight of the unit, so it can tell when there’s a change and what that change means. Each time the unit is powered on and at the end of each Clean cycle, the Cat Sensor measures the weight of the unit.