What is the theme of I Robot by Isaac Asimov?

The stories of I, Robot – and Asimov’s robot stories in general – tend to circle around two central themes: Humanity’s control and understanding of the technology it has created. Non-human life, and the capacity of life which simulates humanity to feel and be human.

What is the purpose of I Robot?

In 2035, highly intelligent robots fill public service positions throughout the dystopian world, operating under three rules to keep humans safe. Detective Del Spooner (Smith) investigates the alleged suicide of U.S. Robotics founder Alfred Lanning (Cromwell) and believes that a human-like robot (Tudyk) murdered him.

What is the theme of Little Lost Robot?

“Little Lost Robot” serves as another example (similar to “Runaround” and “Catch That Rabbit”) of how humans’ lack of understanding of the beings that they have created, and their inability to think through the consequences of their actions, lead to placing themselves in dangerous situations.

What is the plot of the book I Robot?

In 2035, a technophobic cop investigates a crime that may have been perpetrated by a robot, which leads to a larger threat to humanity. In 2035, techno-phobic homicide detective Del Spooner of the Chicago PD heads the investigation of the apparent suicide of leading robotics scientist, Dr. Alfred Lanning.

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What does the ending of I, Robot mean?

Del Spooner rescues Doctor Calvin from her automaton captors and discovers that she didn’t kill Sonny after all, which is good, because he’s really grown on the audience by this point. The trio goes to arrest Lanning’s old business partner only to find him already dead. It turns out that VIKI was to blame all along.

Who is the villain in I, Robot?

Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence (abbreviated as V.I.K.I. or VIKI) is the main antagonist of 2004 sci-fi film I, Robot. She is a fictional supercomputer residing in USR headquarters bent on creating a dictatorship to ensure humanity’s survival due to their violent nature.

What secret is Susan Calvin hiding?

“Little Lost Robot”: In 2029 Susan Calvin and Peter Bogert are brought to a secret military base to find an unstable robot who a) has an altered version of the First Law imprinted in his positronic brain; b) had been ordered by an upset scientist to “go lose yourself”; and c) is hiding among nearly identical robots.

Why was the first law modified in Little Lost Robot?

In “Little Lost Robot,” set in 2029, scientists working in a dangerous environment modify the First Law’s programming in some robots to keep them from interfering with humans. After an exasperated researcher tells one such robot to lose itself, the robot hides in a group of identical but unmodified robots.

How are the robots controlled in I Robot?

Unlike older models, USR’s new NS-5 robots are controlled from the company’s supercomputer VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence); Spooner believes that an independent, experimental, and more human-like NS-5 unit, Sonny, killed Lanning.

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What does Viki stand for?

The Robotic company USR later built a Artificial Intelligence supercomputer which was later named VIKI. This highly advanced and efficient supercomputer, Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence — or simply VIKI for short, was a very powerful supercomputer designed and used by the robotic company USR.

Is science useful by Isaac Asimov summary?

Answer: yes, in a simple word science is life so it’s essentially useful for every educated or non educated person. Due to its daily practical or physical and mentally uses science become a part of our rutin.