What is request library in Robot Framework?

RequestsLibrary is a Robot Framework library aimed to provide HTTP api testing functionalities by wrapping the well known Python Requests Library.

What are the 3 different types of variables in the robot framework?

There are three types of variables supported in robot framework − scalar, list and dictionary.

What is Curdir in Robot Framework?

${CURDIR} An absolute path to the directory where the test data file is located. This variable is case-sensitive.

What is resource in Robot Framework?

Resource Files in Robot Framework

The Resource files provide a mechanism for sharing user keywords and variables. It is easy to create these resources. The resources can be imported by using the settings in the settings table.

What is listener in Robot Framework?

Robot Framework has a listener interface that can be used to receive notifications about test execution. For example: external test monitors, sending a mail message when a test fails, communicating with other systems, modifying tests and results during the test execution.

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What is difference between selenium and robot framework?

There is a huge difference between both of them – Robot is a test framework that makes use of test libraries (standard & external) to execute tests, whereas Selenium is only a WebDriver/library that requires the support of test automation runners in order to perform test execution.

What is test suite in Robot Framework?

Robot Framework test cases are created using test case tables in test case files. Such a file automatically creates a test suite from all the test cases it contains. … Used for setting free test suite metadata as name-value pairs. Suite Setup, Suite Teardown. Specify suite setup and teardown.

What are keywords in Robot Framework?

Think of a keyword as a single test step. Just as a test is conceptually made up of many steps, a robot test is made up of many keywords. Keywords are the foundation upon which all robot tests are built. There are generic keywords provided by robot, and there are special-purpose keywords that you can create yourself.

What is Suite Setup in Robot Framework?

In the simplest terms possible, a suite setup runs exactly once at the start of a suite. A test setup runs at the start of a test case. If you define a test setup in the settings section of the suite, it will run at the start of each test in the suite (ie: if you have 5 tests, it will run five times).

How do I remove robot framework from PIP?

A nice pip feature is that it can uninstall packages even if installation has been done using some other approach. If Windows installer has been used, uninstallation can be done using Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Robot Framework is listed under Python applications.

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How do I import a Python library into robot framework?

To import the Python script inside Robot, we use the keyword Library in the Robot file under ***settings*** . To call the function, we use . To add keywords inside the function, we use the keyword decorator.

How do I import resources into robot framework?

Taking resource files into use

Resource files are imported using the :setting:`Resource` setting in the Settings section. The path to the resource file is given as an argument to the setting. When using the `plain text format`__ for creating resource files, it is possible to use the normal :file:`.

How do you press keys in Robot Framework?

Robot Framework Selenium library can only send keypresses to an element. If you want to send actual keypresses, you need to write your own library that does it. In Windows this can be done using SendKeys module. Here is a library that defines “Send Enter Key” keyword for Robot Framework.

How do I install selenium library in ride?

To install the selenium library into the robot framework Navigate to the link SeleniumLibrary. The GitHub page will open, click on the clone/download and then select the download the Zip. Once the file completes it’s downloading, go to the file location and extract the file from the Zip format.

How do I read a text file in Robot Framework?

You can use the keyword Get File from the OperatingSystem library to read the file, and you can use the Split to Lines keyword from the String library to convert the file contents to a list of lines. Then it’s just a matter of looping over the lines using a for loop.

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