What is major disadvantage of neural network?

Disadvantages include its “black box” nature, greater computational burden, proneness to overfitting, and the empirical nature of model development. An overview of the features of neural networks and logistic regression is presented, and the advantages and disadvantages of using this modeling technique are discussed.

What is the disadvantage of neural network?

Neural networks usually require much more data than traditional machine learning algorithms, as in at least thousands if not millions of labeled samples. This isn’t an easy problem to deal with and many machine learning problems can be solved well with less data if you use other algorithms.

What is neural network advantages and disadvantages?

The network problem does not immediately corrode. Ability to train machine: Artificial neural networks learn events and make decisions by commenting on similar events. Parallel processing ability: Artificial neural networks have numerical strength that can perform more than one job at the same time.

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What is the biggest problem with neural networks?

The very most disadvantage of a neural network is its black box nature. Because it has the ability to approximate any function, study its structure but don’t give any insights on the structure of the function being approximated.

What are the disadvantages in using a neural network to build a supervised model?


  • Neural networks are black boxes, meaning we cannot know how much each independent variable is influencing the dependent variables.
  • It is computationally very expensive and time consuming to train with traditional CPUs.
  • Neural networks depend a lot on training data.

What is a disadvantage of a network?

Purchasing the network cabling and file servers can be expensive. There is a danger of hacking , particularly with wide area networks. … Security procedures are needed to prevent such abuse, eg a firewall .

What are the disadvantages of decision trees?

Disadvantages of decision trees: They are unstable, meaning that a small change in the data can lead to a large change in the structure of the optimal decision tree. They are often relatively inaccurate. Many other predictors perform better with similar data.

What is the advantages of neural network?

Advantages of Neural Networks:

Neural Networks have the ability to learn by themselves and produce the output that is not limited to the input provided to them. The input is stored in its own networks instead of a database, hence the loss of data does not affect its working.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of decision trees?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Decision Trees in Machine Learning. Decision Tree is used to solve both classification and regression problems. But the main drawback of Decision Tree is that it generally leads to overfitting of the data.

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Which of the following are the disadvantages of using Knn?

Some Disadvantages of KNN

  • Accuracy depends on the quality of the data.
  • With large data, the prediction stage might be slow.
  • Sensitive to the scale of the data and irrelevant features.
  • Require high memory – need to store all of the training data.
  • Given that it stores all of the training, it can be computationally expensive.

What are the problem of neural network?

Another trouble which is encountered in neural networks, especially when they are deep is internal covariate shift. The statistical distribution of the input keeps changing as training proceeds. This can cause a significant change in the domain and hence, reduce training efficiency.

What are the problems for neural network learning?

Appropriate Problems for NN Learning

The target function output may be discrete-valued, real-valued, or a vector of several real-valued or discrete-valued attributes. The training examples may contain errors. Long training times are acceptable. Fast evaluation of the learned target function may be required.

What is the problem of the trained neural network?

Training a neural network involves using an optimization algorithm to find a set of weights to best map inputs to outputs. The problem is hard, not least because the error surface is non-convex and contains local minima, flat spots, and is highly multidimensional.

What is the disadvantage of supervised learning?

Disadvantages of Supervised Learning.

Computation time is vast for supervised learning. Unwanted data downs efficiency. Pre-processing of data is no less than a big challenge. Always in need of updates.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of supervised learning?

The main advantage of supervised learning is that it allows you to collect data or produce a data output from the previous experience. The drawback of this model is that decision boundary might be overstrained if your training set doesn’t have examples that you want to have in a class.

What are the disadvantages of reinforcement learning?

Disadvantages of Reinforcement Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Too much reinforcement learning can lead to an overload of states which can diminish the results.
  • This algorithm is not preferable for solving simple problems.
  • This algorithm needs a lot of data and a lot of computation.