Quick Answer: Is FL4K a robot or a cyborg?

Early concept art depicts FL4K as a cyborg instead of a robot. According to several articles, their pets are FL4K’s only family, and they love them equally. FL4K is drawn to Death and refers to it as a woman.

Is FL4K a robot?

FL4K is a wandering robot who always brings one of their three loyal pets into battle to buff stats and attack enemies.

Is FL4K a human?

Since Fl4k is clearly not human and has spent most of their life away from them. It makes sense that they would not understand humans as well as say animals, who they spend most of their time with.

Is FL4K like Zer0?

FL4K and 0ne

Like Zer0, FL4K only has four fingers on each hand. Both characters have numbers in their names, though FL4K himself is not named after a number. … the Son of Crawmerax, who helps support the theory that Zer0 and FL4K are related. In the DLC, Zer0 is helped by a character known as 0ne.

Is flak Loader a bot?

When first announced as one of the looter shooter’s new Vault Hunters, many assumed FL4K would eventually be revealed as Loader Bot from Telltale’s point-and-click adventure spin-off, Tales from the Borderlands, but that theory has firmly been debunked.

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Is FL4K the loader BOT From tales?

It was because of this, and similarities in their design, that some fans speculated that FL4K was actually Loader Bot from Tales from the Borderlands in disguise, but Gearbox has since come out and stated that FL4K is not Loader Bot.

How does FL4K know Zer0?

Like Zer0, FL4K has a number in their name and an ability that allows them to cloak. Outside of going invisible, FL4K also only has four fingers on each hand, making the connection to Zer0 even clearer.

What does FL4K stand for?

Trivia. FL4K’s name is shortened from a 512 alphanumeric character factory designator. During interaction with BALEX, FL4K reveals, “My 512-character alphanumeric designation has no meaning, but I have shortened it to “FL4K” for the sake of time.”

Is FL4K male or female?

Borderlands 3 character FL4K has been revealed to be non-binary. As fans gear up for the highly-anticipated shooter game, it has emerged that one of its vault hunters does not fit into the gender binary.

Is FL4K a girl?

FL4K is drawn to Death and refers to it as a woman. They recognize that sex is a thing, but they’re still trying to figure that out. Likes: Carrying a spiked, pink pet bowl to feed their pets.

Is FL4K a boy?

According to the website’s moderation team, FL4K is non-binary, meaning they use they/them pronouns. … Users also cited confusion that that FL4K appeared male and had a male voice actor, and yet they were considered non-binary. However, FL4K is certainly non-binary.

Which pet is best for FL4K?

The best Borderlands 3 Fl4K builds

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The Great Horned Skag is a good pet for the gun damage bonus, and Atomic Aroma keeps a cloud of radioactive pain around your little buddy at all times.

Who has the highest bounty in Borderlands?

The bounty on Gaige’s head is $820,000,000,000 which is the highest among all playable Borderlands characters to date. She is wanted for the “creation of unauthorized technology” and “excessive adorability.” No wanted posters of Gaige exist in game however (the $820 billion figure is from her intro movie).

Who is FL4K?

FL4K, The Beast Master is one of the playable characters in Borderlands 3. Flak is the hunter class of the game, this playable character is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. For the action skill, Flak is able to choose between 3 different pets that each have their own unique abilities.

Where is Amara from Borderlands 3?

In Borderlands 3, Amara joins the ranks of the Siren class, alongside Lilith and Maya. Born in the slums of Partali, Amara learn how to channel her Siren energy into a set of powerful arms that she can now use to destroy her enemies. She’s a woman of action and her home is on the battlefield.