Is Christian Slater real in Mr Robot?

Along the way, Elliot was helped, and occasionally impeded, by a mysterious figure named Mr. Robot (Christian Slater). Towards the end of Season 1, we discovered that Mr. Robot wasn’t real; he was a personality Elliot constructed based on his own father, Edward Alderson.

Is Christian Slater a hallucination in Mr. Robot?

So it was not a huge surprise when the show revealed Mr. Robot was not, in fact, Christian Slater — he was Elliot’s mind taking the form of Christian Slater taking the form of Elliot’s deceased father, who used to own a computer repair shop called Mr. Robot.

Is Christian Slater Elliot’s dad in Mr. Robot?

Robot creator Sam Esmail dropped an enormous bombshell in the second hour of the USA Network’s final season — namely, Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) is not alone. … Robot, played by Christian Slater, the spitting image of Elliot’s deceased father, Edward Alderson.

Was Krista real Mr. Robot?

“The real Elliot,” says Mr. Robot. … There she tells Elliot, “He tried to tell you, you’re not Elliot, you’re the mastermind.” Elliot is thrust back into an alleyway. Eventually, the Eureka moment comes in a therapy session with his therapist Krista (Gloria Reuben), who you know is not really Krista (so she says).

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Is Darlene Mr. Robot real?

However, she seems to exist outside the consciousness of Elliot, because in some scenes we see her through other characters’ perspectives. For example, she and Angela team up to hunt for Elliot when he’s missing; Darlene is real to Angela, not just to Elliot, in those scenes.

Is Darlene in Elliot’s head?

If it wasn’t clear already, a segment in which some kind of mental avatar in the form of Elliot’s therapist, Krista, makes it so: This is all in Elliot’s head. … It’s the Mastermind incarnation of Elliot who wakes up in the hospital, his sister, Darlene, by his side.

How legit is Mr. Robot?

Overall, it provides a realistic depiction of what is possible. Mr Robot has been widely praised for its technical accuracy by numerous cybersecurity firms and bloggers who dissect and comment on the technology and the technical aspects of the show after every episode. The only issue is how fast he hacks.

Did Elliot get molested?

In an unknown time of his life, Elliot began interacting with Mr. … Robot remained unclear until December 2015, when Krista Gordon, forced by Fernando Vera, led Elliot towards an epiphany: he was sexually molested as a child by his father, and his mind produced the Mr. Robot persona as an attempt to cope with his trauma.

Who is Elliot girlfriend in Mr. Robot?

Frankie Shaw as Shayla Nico, Elliot’s drug dealer and girlfriend (season 1).

Who is Elliot’s third personality?

While Mr. Robot has gone meta in the past (see: Season 4 premiere credits fakeout), some fans believe the show is saving its biggest twist for the end, and will reveal that Elliot’s third personality is Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail.

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Why is Krista scared of Elliot?

In particular, she is concerned about Elliot’s sightings of “men in black”, asserting that they are a step on a slippery slope. Despite Krista’s best intentions, Elliot considers her a poor judge of character, and refuses to share his problems beyond vague allusions.

Is Elliot schizophrenic?

GROSS: Elliot is mentally ill. He has dissociative identity disorder, which used to be known as multiple personality disorder. So parts of himself he’s kind of fragmented into other people who he thinks he’s talking to or seeing.

What does whiterose’s machine do?

It activated the secret machine that Whiterose, the leader of the Dark Army hacker collective and the Deus Group secret society of 1 percenters, built beneath the nuclear power plant in Elliot’s home, Washington Township. It really is a device intended to access a parallel world, one brighter and better than our own.

Which Elliot is real?

Robot wasn’t real; he was a personality Elliot constructed based on his own father, Edward Alderson. Elliot had (and has) Dissociative Identity Disorder, meaning that like Elliot, it was tough for us to trust what we were seeing in the show at any point. As it turns out, Elliot wasn’t just an unreliable narrator…

How are Elliot and Darlene siblings?

Darlene Alderson is a hacker, programmer, and member of fsociety. It is also revealed she is Elliot’s sister.

Why did Elliot create the mastermind?

Krista (who is a manifestation of Elliot’s mind at the moment) explains that the Elliot we have known since the beginning of the series is not the real Elliot, but a persona called “The Mastermind” that the real Elliot (who suffers from dissociative identity disorder) created to deal with his rage and anger at the …

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