How do you create a robot in UiPath Community Edition?

How do you create an unattended robot in UiPath Community Edition?

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  2. 1) Create the automation and publish it to Orchestrator.
  3. 2) Set up the Windows machine to run the unattended robot.
  4. 3) Create the unattended robot in Orchestrator.
  5. 4) Install UiPath Studio on the unattended machine.
  6. 5) Connect the Robot to Orchestrator. …
  7. 6) Test the automation.
  8. 7) Schedule the automation.

How do I add a robot to UiPath?

How to create a UiPath Orchestrator robot

  1. Log into the UiPath Orchestrator administrative console.
  2. Switch from the Modern Folder layout to the Classic Folder layout.
  3. Under the Management tab choose Robots.
  4. Click the plus button on the top right hand side of the page and create a Standard Robot.

How many robots do we get in the UiPath Community Edition?

UiPath Editions

Features UiPath Community Cloud UiPath Enterprise Cloud
Robots Available 2 Attended + 1 Unattended 2 Attended + 1 Unattended
Additional Robots Unlimited[Take license according to your requirement]
Automation Capacity 3 robots Scale from UiPath Enterprise Cloud
User Management Centralized enterprise user management
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How do I use UiPath Community Edition?

Installing the UiPath Studio Community Edition

  1. Let us start by going to the UiPath Community edition page at
  2. Go to the “Start Trial” or “Get Community Edition” options.
  3. Look for “Community cloud” and click on “Try it”
  4. Sign-up/Register with Uipath by providing the information.

How do you make an unattended robot?

The robot is of type unattended, not Studio or StudioPro.

Robot creation

  1. Publish your code to Orchestrator.
  2. Create a machine in Orchestrator and connect to it with UiPath Assistant.
  3. Create the unattended robot.
  4. Add the robot to an environment.
  5. Create the process to map the code to the robot.

What is the difference between UiPath robot and UiPath assistant?

As a client of the Robot, it can send commands to start or stop jobs and change settings, based on user input. Although it is specially designed for attended use, UiPath Assistant doesn’t impose any limits as to what processes you can start.

How do I get the robot key in UiPath?


  1. Create a Robot, as explained here.
  2. In the system tray, click the UiPath Robot icon. …
  3. On the Settings menu select Orchestrator Settings. …
  4. In the Machine Key field, enter the key received from the user who created the Robot in Orchestrator (as obtained from the Machines page).
  5. Click Connect.

How do you run an orchestrator robot?

To activate your robot, you have to Right-Click on the UI Robot symbol and then you have to go to Settings. In the Settings on UI Robot, mention the Orchestrator URL and the Machine Key. Then click on Connect. This will activate your UI Robot.

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What is UiPath Robot used for?

A Robot is an execution host that runs processes built in UiPath Studio. The Robots page enables you to add robots, edit them, view their status and license state, change the environment(s) they are assigned to, and the runtime settings. Additionally, you can display the logs generated by a single Robot.

What is the difference between standard Robot and floating Robot in UiPath?

Standard Robot works on a single Standard Machine only, namely the one defined while creating it. … Floating Robot works on any machine defined in Orchestrator, be it Standard or Template, as the machine name is not relevant while creating it.

What is UiPath unattended Robot?

Unattended robots will check in with employees for validation or if there’s a question or exception via UiPath Action Center. … Employees access, schedule, and run attended automations in UiPath Assistant. Hybrid robots. Attended and unattended robots provide support for users and back-end processing in a single solution …

What is RPA Community Edition?

GET FREE COMMUNITY EDITION. Instantly start your automation journey in the cloud with the FREE Community Edition, the only platform that gives you a complete Digital Workforce Platform all on the web. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Workspace: Automate your business processes. IQ Bot: Use AI to process your documents.

Is UiPath Studio Community Edition free?

To use the UiPath platform for development purpose we need to download and install the UiPath community edition from its website as it is the only free version that can be used for development purpose. To download and install the community edition from its website follow these steps.

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What is difference between UiPath Community Edition and Enterprise Edition?

Enterprise is basically a business-user type edition for professionals. Community version – Just like the name says, it is built for the community and is a non-paid version. You won’t get any support/assistance so for support/issues related aspects, you will rely on the internet and Ui-Path community forums.