How do I reset my pool robot?

Hold the “Reset” button down for about 3-5 seconds. Check the Full Filter Light indicator, ensuring that it’s off. In essence, what you’ve just done is “zero” out the sensor.

How long do pool cleaning robots last?

However, most people will find that a robotic pool cleaner lasts for at least 3 to 5 years, with some extending the longevity of their machine to 7 years or more with basic maintenance and occasional parts replacement.

Why does my dolphin stopped working?

If your Dolphin moves a few feet but then stops, it could be there’s a drive train or impeller blockage to blame so have a closer look: Inspect the impeller itself. Inspect all tracks and brushes. Remove any debris that’s visible.

Why is my Maytronics dolphin not working?

Inspect the impeller for debris and remove; clean the filters. Restart the cleaner; press and hold the reset button until the light goes off (approximately 5 – 20 seconds). If light still does not go off, take your Dolphin to your local dealer or call Maytronics Customer Service.

How do I reset my Maytronics?

With your Dolphin in use, press the “Reset” button. Hold the “Reset” button down for about 3-5 seconds. Check the Full Filter Light indicator, ensuring that it’s off. In essence, what you’ve just done is “zero” out the sensor.

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Why is my automatic pool vacuum not moving?

When a suction cleaner is sluggish or slow, it’s usually a clogged pump basket or dirty filter that is to blame. Other problems include holes in the cleaner hose, sucking air into the hose, or the filter pump could be drawing in air, reducing water-flow volume.

Can I leave my robotic pool cleaner in the pool?

You can swim while your bot cleans the pool, but it’s better not to. Swimming churns up the water. If the machine is in the water at the time, the current will buffet it, making it harder for it to complete its work. … If you leave the machine in the water when you add chlorine, the change in pH can affect the plastic.

How often do you run your robotic pool cleaner?

Ideally, you need to run your robot pool cleaner daily or at least once a day if you’re always swimming in it. But if you don’t swim in it as much, run it at least once weekly or every two weeks. When you’re using a swimming pool cover all the time, you may wash your pool monthly.

Can you swim with pool robot?

Dolphin pool cleaners are safe to use for the general public, however, (for safety precautions) we do not recommend swimming while the cleaner is in use. What are the ideal operating temperatures for my Dolphin cleaner? Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are best used in temperatures between 43 and 93 degrees.

How do you test a Maytronics power supply?

Testing the power supply

  1. Connect the tester to the power supply.
  2. Switch the power supply on.
  3. If the tester light is on, proceed to test the cable.
  4. If the tester light is off, check the power socket and AC cable. If they are working, then replace the power supply and proceed to test the cable.
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How long is Maytronics warranty?

Maytronics warrants that your Premier Dolphin pool cleaner will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 3 years. To prove how serious we are about delivering the best-in-class high performance robot, the Dolphin Premier is backed by the very best warranty in the industry.