Frequent question: What Happened to whatever Happened to Robot Jones?

Why did Robot Jones get Cancelled?

The series began to see a lack of support from network executives, a re-cast for the voice of Robot Jones (originally voiced by Macintalk Junior) and frequent time slot changes that caused Greg Miller to step away from the show. Ultimately, the series was cancelled during its second season.

Where can I watch Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?

Top 5 providers

  • Netflix.
  • BINGE.
  • hayu.

How many episodes of Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?

Robot Jones? is an American animated television series that ran on Cartoon Network from 2002 to 2003. During the second season, the show was burned off on Fridays at 11pm. … The series was cancelled after the conclusion of the second season on November 14, 2003.

What is the Toonami guy name?

Toonami is recognized for its distinctive space-themed backdrop, anime music videos, drum and bass-flavored soundtrack, and its robot host named T.O.M. (short for Toonami Operations Module).

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