Best answer: What does Max mean on my shark ion robot?

The MAX mode provides 3X more suction power. When you start the robot in a room and close the door, it will continue to clean until you stop it or the battery runs down.

What is Max on shark ion robot?

On top, this robot has three buttons: Clean, Max (more powerful cleaning) and Dock buttons, so you can start it off without having to fish your phone out of your pocket.

Why does my Shark keep saying Max?

If the Clean RED or Max light is flashing, it means that the robot may be stuck on an obstacle or the front bumper may be jammed. To fix this error, relocate the robot to a different location and inspect the bumper. If light continues to flash, try to remove the front caster wheel and clean the wheel housing.

Does the shark ion robot tell you when its full?

2 Using the app, press the DOCK button to automatically send Shark ION ROBOT to the charging dock. While the battery is charging, all three blue LED lights will cycle until fully charged. As the unit cleans, its battery discharges. The blue lights indicate how much charge is remaining.

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Should I leave my shark robot on all the time?

We would like you to know that you can leave the Shark ION™ Robot Dual-Action Robot Vacuum on the charging dock, even after it is fully charged. This will make sure that the vacuum has a full charge when you start a cleaning cycle. … This will make sure that the vacuum has a full charge when you start a cleaning cycle.

What do the lights on my shark mean?

If a light is flashing, it usually means that something is preventing your vacuum from running. If your Shark vacuum light is flashing, that means the brush roll isn’t spinning. Red lights can mean that the brush roll is jammed or the vacuum is overheating. … Flashing lights indicate that something needs to be fixed.

What does the exclamation point mean on my shark vacuum?

Usually the distressed signal happens for one of two reasons: the robot is stuck and cannot move, or something has caused the main cylinder brush to lock up.

How do I reset my shark robot?

Turn your machine upside down and find the power switch. Press it for 10 seconds, which triggers the factory reset process. Wait a few seconds before turning your Shark ION robot again.

How do I reset my shark vacuum?

To reset the shark vacuum, put the Power button on the On-Off position and keep the vacuum unplugged. If necessary, clear the hose. Plug the vacuum in again after it cools completely.

What does green light on shark mean?

In order to help prevent damage to the brush, roll Shark has included the indicator light. When the light is illuminated green, the brush roll is functioning properly. … Alternatively, when cleaning the vacuum, if there is no brush roll obstruction the red light may indicate that the vacuum is overheated.

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What does the blue light on my shark mean?

The dock indicator light will flash blue and the robot will beep when charging begins. When the cleaning cycle is complete, or if the battery is running low, the robot will search for the dock. If your robot doesn’t return to the dock, its charge may have run out.

Does Shark IQ work in the dark?

Because optical light sensors require light to navigate, it’s best to not run it at night in a dark and sleeping house (because you might get startled from the loud thunks as it bumps into your garbage can). The vacuum has two rotating side brushes, a carpet brush, and a bumper.

Can you leave shark vacuum charger?

It is recommended that you leave your vacuum on the ION Charging Dock after each use to recharge the battery completely. For optimal runtime, always return your vacuum to the dock after each use.

Should I keep my robot vacuum plugged in?

For the Roomba’s nickel-based (not lithium ion like smartphones) batteries, it’s best to keep the unit charging whenever you’re not using it. However, don’t leave it in its dock for days at a time — lots of vacuuming will keep its battery healthy.

Should you turn off your robot vacuum?

After battery is fully charged, only mother board of device is charged and customers don’t need worry battery is fully charged for a long time and may decrease the lifespan. … Of course, we still suggest customers turn off device if it will not be used for several months.

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